Motorcycle Engine Protection

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The plastic engine protection originally fitted to the Honda Transalp leaves much of the underside exposed. Clearly the designer had not in mind the bike needed protecting from large rocks and the occosaional collision with a tree stump. The original piece is made from a tough plastic, but poses a risk of damaging the engine casing, quickly ending any trip or travel.

The first prototype was manufactured from 3mm thick sheet of 5457 Aluminium. This grade of aluminium has good strength and corrosion resistance and has excellent weldability. The mounting brackets are 3mm thick stainless steel with rubber inlay. This damps vibrations and allows us to lift the bike for service without having to remove the protector.

The prototype was tested extensively, on travels through Morocco and along the Silk route. After more than 20.000km and many collisions I am confident enough to state that it performs exceptionally well. Small design changes were needed for series production, to allow for CNC bending of the laser-cut plate. The overall material thickness also increased to 4mm, becasue we can and a bit of extra security never hurt!

Though a partnership with Motorbandenzaak, who takes care of warehousing and distribution, the supplychain remains as lean as can be. This means low cost and short lead-times for a hand-made product of exceptional quality!