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Pim Witkop

Who am I

I am a mechanical designer for a company in the high-tech industry. I started Witkop Engineering to provide engineering-, prototyping- and manufacturing support for consumers, small businesses and start-ups in my spare time.

My goal is to help kickstart any idea or project into the next gear.

Expertise & services

  • (Precision) mechanical design, from concept to detailed CAD and technical drawings
  • Analytical and computational analysis
  • Electronics design, PCB design and manufacturing, microcontroller programming
  • Rapid prototying: 3D-printing (ABS, ASA, PLA)
  • General machining: drilling, milling, turning
  • Sheet metal fabrication: cutting, bending, welding (most metals)
  • Fine mechanical assembly


Motorcycle Engine Protection
Motorcycle Engine Protection
Laser Displacement Sensor
Laser Displacement Sensor
Word clock watch
Word Clock
Desktop AFM
Desktop AFM
Motorcycle Footrests
Motorcycle Footrests
Compliant Pen-plotter
Compliant Pen-plotter
Compact On-board Voltmeter
On-board Voltmeter
Vibration Isolation
Vibration Isolation


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Lets get in touch and talk about your next project.

Spoorlaan 5G-25, 2495AL, the Hague, NL
CoC: 78751349
VAT: NL003376158B95